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Ninos Arriba

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  Ninos Arriba is a ministry supported by Crossroads Christian Fellowship. It provides equine therapy for children and adults in La Paz. The link will give you more information and give you a place to support this wonderful growing ministry in La Paz.
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Mama Benita

Mama Benita runs an independent shelter for women and cildren in La Paz, that Crossroads supports from time to time. As far as we understand, Mama Benita tries to have a policy of not turning anyone away. Whoever is in need, can expect to be fed, clothed and offered shelter as available.

Juventud Misionera

Juventud Misionera (JM) began the summer of 2013. It is an outgrowth of the Young's work with Comimex- mobilizing Mexican youth to consider serving as cross-cultural missionaries to unreached people groups. JM meetings are usually interactive, including games, dramas, prayer for the unreached, tasting foreign foods, learning about different cultures and countries, & being quizzed on map skills. Occasionally, the entire meeting is an 'adventure'. Like the time we pretended to be refugees traveling through a maze of activities that would help the youth appreciate the plight of the Syrians refugees..... we "escaped" to a tent set up in our back yard pretending to have crossed into Turkey, then took a hazardous and "soaking wet" boat ride across the Mediterranean. The last stop was Germany, where they met new friends, and experienced an awkward cultural situation.

The fruit of these meetings has been that there are about a dozen or so young people in B.C.S. who are seriously considering becoming missionaries in the future, and we are trying to coach them as they journey through years of training and preparations needed before they will get to the field.
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La Paz Theological Seminary

Seminario Theologico de la Paz is a ministry dedicated to the formation of leaders in the areas of church planting, pastoring, leadership and teaching

Our Vision: To provide workers for sowing the harvest of the Lord

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