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2018-12-30VariousTrading Joseph Not_Available
2018-12-23Rodolfo RodriguezThe Advent of Love Not_Available
2018-12-16Peter BolingAll Prayer Not_Available
2018-12-09Peter BolingStanding Firm Not_Available
2018-12-02Peter BolingWalking In Submission Not_Available
2018-11-25Peter BolingTwo Points of Contact Not_Available
2018-11-18Peter BolingWalk In Light Not_Available
2018-11-11Peter BolingWalk in Love Not_Available
2018-11-04Peter BolingWalk in Purity Not_Available
2018-10-28Peter BolingWalking Together Pt. 2 Not_Available
2018-10-21Peter BolingWalking Together Not_Available
2018-10-14Rodolfo RodriguezIn Christ we are all deeply loved by God
2018-10-07Bob WilliamsGod's 'Mystery' Plan for the Gentiles
2018-09-30Peter BolingEphesians 2 11-22 Not_Available
2018-09-23Peter BolingEphesians 2 1-10 Not_Available
2018-09-16Peter BolingEphesians 1 17-23 Not_Available
2018-09-09Peter BolingEphesians 1 15-23 Not_Available
2018-09-02Jerry SprockEphesians 3 14-21 Not_Available
2018-08-26Peter BolingEphesians 1 13:14 Not_Available
2018-08-19Jerry SprockEphesians 1 16-17 Not_Available
2018-08-12Peter BolingEphesians 1 7-12 Not_Available
2018-08-05Peter BolingEphesians 1 4-6 Not_Available
2018-07-22Peter BolingEphesians 1 3-14 Not_Available
2018-07-15Jerry SprockEphesians 4 14-21 Not_Available
2018-07-08Peter BolingEphesians 1 1-2 Not_Available
2018-07-01Bob WilliamsTruth or Opinion
2018-06-17Alejandra RojanoFathers Day Not_Available
2018-06-03Dan YoungDad has a plan for your Life Not_Available
2018-05-27Rodolfo RodriguezMay 27 2018 Not_Available
2018-05-20Dan YoungReaching Out Not_Available
2018-05-13Dan YoungDevotion Not_Available
2018-05-06Dan YoungA Vision of Discipleship Not_Available
2018-04-29Bob WilliamsWho Are We at Crossroads Christian Fellowship – Our Statements of Faith
2018-04-22Rodolfo RodriguezA Glimpse of Heaven
2018-04-08Milton SandersJohn 21 – Jesus’ Miraculous Catch of Fish
2018-04-01Dan YoungJohn 20 – The Empty Tomb & Jesus’ Appearing
2018-03-25Dan YoungJohn 19 Jesus sentenced, crucified, buried
2018-03-18Bob WilliamsJohn 18 – To Cave or Not to Cave That is the Question
2018-03-11Dan YoungJohn 17:20-26 Jesus prays for all believers(Unity
2018-03-04Dan YoungJohn 17:1-19 Jesus prays to be Glorified
2018-02-25Milton SandersJohn 15 :26- 16:33 Work of the Holy Spirit
2018-02-18Rodolfo RodriguezJohn 15: 1-25 The Vine and the branches
2018-02-11Dan YoungJohn 14:Jesus comforts the disciples
2018-02-04Dan YoungJohn 13:The Last Supper
2018-01-28Milton SandersJohn 12: 1- 19 Jesus Anointed at Bethany Not_Available Not_Available
2018-01-21Bob WilliamsJohn 20:20-50 – Why Did Jesus Have to Die and Consequences of Unbelief
2018-01-14Rodolfo RodriguezJohn 11:45- 57 Plot to Kill Jesus Not_Available
2018-01-07Dan YoungTBD
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