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2017-12-24Dan YoungTBD Not_Available Not_Available
2017-12-17Rodolfo RodriguezTBD Not_Available Not_Available
2017-12-10Bob WilliamsUp Close and Personal – Patience, Anger & Self-Control Not_Available
2017-12-03Dan YoungTBD Not_Available Not_Available
2017-11-26Dan YoungGratitude Col 3:12-17 Not_Available Not_Available
2017-11-19Dan YoungKindness Not_Available Not_Available
2017-11-12David and Joyce ReedSpiritual Formation and Update Not_Available Not_Available
2017-11-05Dan YoungTBD Not_Available Not_Available
2017-10-29Bob WilliamsJohn 10:1-39 – The Good Shepherd. Not_Available
2017-10-22Milton SandersJOHN 9 Physical and Spiritual Blindness Not_Available Not_Available
2017-10-15Rodolfo RodriguezJOHN 6:60- 8:59 Who is Jesus Not_Available Not_Available
2017-10-08Dan YoungJOHN 6:1-59 Jesus is the bread of life Not_Available Not_Available
2017-10-01Milton SandersJOHN 5:16-47 The Authority of Jesus Not_Available Not_Available
2017-09-24Rodolfo RodriguezJOHN 4:43 - 5:15 Two healings by Jesus Not_Available Not_Available
2017-09-17Dan YoungJOHN 4:1-42 Jesus and the Samaritan woman Not_Available Not_Available
2017-09-10Milton SandersJOHN 3:1-21 Jesus talks with Nicodemus Not_Available Not_Available
2017-09-03Rodolfo RodriguezJOHN 2:13- 25 Jesus clears the Temple Not_Available Not_Available
2017-08-27Dan YoungJohn 2:1-11 – Water Into Wine – Christ’s First Miracle Not_Available
2017-08-20Milton SandersJOHN 1:37-51 CALLING OF THE DISCIPLES Not_Available Not_Available
2017-08-13Rodolfo RodriguezJOHN 1:19-36 & JOHN 3:22-36 John the Baptist Not_Available
2017-08-06Bob WilliamsJohn 1:1-18 – The Hard Truth – Not All Religions Lead to Heaven Not_Available
2017-07-30Milton SandersIsaiah 66 /summary Not_Available Not_Available
2017-07-23Bob WilliamsJudgment and Final Salvation – Isaiah 65 Not_Available
2017-07-16Rodolfo RodriguezIsaiah 58 Not_Available
2017-07-09Jorge SalazarIsaiah 55 Not_Available Not_Available
2017-07-02Alejandra RojanoIsaiah 53 Not_Available Not_Available
2017-06-25Dan YoungIsaiah 43 Israel’s only Savior Not_Available
2017-06-18Steve DresselhausFather's Day Not_Available
2017-06-11Milton SandersIsaiah 42- The servant of the Lord Not_Available
2017-06-04Rodolfo RodriguezHezekiah’s life
2017-05-28Bob WilliamsCreation & the Flood – The Foundation of Christianity
2017-05-21Dan YoungIsaiah 11 and 12 Not_Available
2017-05-14Dan YoungMothers Day Not_Available
2017-05-07Dan YoungIsaiah 7:10-25 Not_Available
2017-04-30Rodolfo RodriguezIsaiah's Commission
2017-04-23Alejandra RojanoIntroduction to Isaiah Not_Available
2017-04-16Dan YoungAnother nice holiday or the climax of humanity Not_Available
2017-04-09Dan YoungFinishing Philippians Not_Available
2017-04-02Dan YoungPhilippians Series Chapter 4 Not_Available
2017-03-19Milton SandersLaughing Phillipians 3:10 - 3:19
2017-03-12Dan YoungPhilippians series- 3:1-14
2017-03-05Alejandra RojanoThe Joy of Serving Not_Available Not_Available
2017-02-26Bob WilliamsPhilippians 2:12-18 – Do Everything Without Grumbling or Complaining
2017-01-29Milton SandersPhilippians Series part II
2017-01-22Dan YoungIntroduction to Philippians Series Not_Available
2017-01-15Dan YoungHang in there- Hebrews 10:19-39 Not_Available
2017-01-08Bob WilliamsA New Season of Life Requires New Beginnings Not_Available
2017-01-01Dan YoungLuke 2:40-52 Not_Available Not_Available
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