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2016-12-18Rodolfo RodriguezJoy Not_Available
2016-12-11Dan YoungWhat child is this? Not_Available
2016-12-04Dan YoungColossians 1:1-14 Not_Available
2016-11-27Dan YoungSpend Time With God Not_Available
2016-11-20Dan YoungLessons from the Book of Jude Not_Available
2016-11-13Milton SandersJohn 16 Not_Available
2016-11-06Dan Young2 Timothy 3:10-17 Standing Strong in Difficulties Not_Available
2016-10-30Dan Young Timothy 3:1-9 Perilous Days Not_Available
2016-10-23Rodolfo RodriguezMarriage Not_Available
2016-10-16Dan YoungEph 4 Growing into Maturity and Unity Not_Available
2016-10-09Dan YoungThe Greatest Insurance Policy of All Time Not_Available
2016-10-02Alejandra RojanoEph 6 Spiritual Armor Not_Available
2016-09-25Steve DresselhausIt is not good for man to be alone Not_Available
2016-09-18Bob WilliamsWhat is the Gospel Message for Sharing About Christ?
2016-09-11Milton Sanders9/11 Not_Available Not_Available
2016-09-04Dan YoungEph 4-6 Serving God Not_Available
2016-08-21Rodolfo RodriguezSong of Solomon Not_Available
2016-08-14Dan YoungEph 1-3 The wonderful Gift God has given Not_Available
2016-08-07Dan YoungMark Part 1 of 2 Not_Available
2016-08-01Dan YoungMark Part 2 of 2 Not_Available Not_Available
2016-07-31Bob WilliamsThe Return of Christ, Part 5 of 5 The Seventh Seal Not_Available
2016-07-24Dan YoungThe Wisdom Literature ( end of OT panorama series Not_Available
2016-07-17Dan YoungThe Kings and a Call to Wake Up Not_Available
2016-07-10Milton SandersFollow the Captain and his Prophets Not_Available
2016-07-03Rodolfo RodriguezGod's Love Not_Available
2016-06-26Dan YoungJudges, Ruth and 1 Samuel chapters 1 - 8 Not_Available
2016-06-19Mimi BacaFather's Day Not_Available
2016-06-12Dan YoungThe Book of Joshua Not_Available
2016-06-05Dan YoungHow the Law and Moses apply to the New Testament Not_Available
2016-05-29Alejandra Rojano Not_Available
2016-05-22Dan YoungUnderstanding the Law of Moses Not_Available
2016-05-15Dan YoungLessons from the life of Moses Not_Available
2016-05-08Rodolfo RodriguezMothers and Grandmothers Not_Available
2016-05-01Milton SandersWhere do you get your power from?
2016-04-24Milton SandersUnbelievable! Not_Available
2016-04-17Dan YoungAbraham Not_Available
2016-04-10Dan YoungA Great Story and a Special Epitaph Not_Available
2016-04-03Bob WilliamsThe Return of Christ, Part 4 of 5 the Rapture of the Church
2016-03-27Dan YoungDo you really believe the gospel message? Not_Available
2016-03-20Rodolfo RodriguezStallion or Donkey Not_Available Not_Available
2016-03-13Dan YoungPanorama of 1st 2000 yrs. of history. Gen. 1- 11 Not_Available Not_Available
2016-03-06Milton SandersThe Nail Not_Available
2016-02-28Milton Sanders103rd Psalm
2016-02-21Bob WilliamsThe Return of Christ, Part 3 of 5 The Tribulation
2016-02-14Dan YoungLove is sacrificial action that pleases God Not_Available Not_Available
2016-02-07Dan YoungJesus the Mediator Not_Available
2016-01-31Dan YoungPilgrims Progress Not_Available
2016-01-24Paul ClampLooking At Jesus with Fresh Eyes Not_Available
2016-01-17Paul ClampTaking the limits off of your fruitfulness Not_Available Not_Available
2016-01-10Dan YoungHebrews Part 3 Not_Available Not_Available
2016-01-03Dan YoungHebrews Part 2 Not_Available Not_Available
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