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2015-12-27Dan YoungHebrews Part 1 Not_Available
2015-12-21Bob WilliamsThe Return of Christ, Part 2 of 5 The Millennium & the Final Judgment Not_Available
2015-12-13Alejandra RojanoJoy and Sadness Not_Available Not_Available
2015-12-06Milton SandersFool Me Twice Not_Available Not_Available
2015-11-29Milton SandersNothing New
2015-11-22Bob WilliamsThe Return of Christ, Part 1 of 5 Overall Considerations
2015-11-08Rodolfo RodriguezMarriage Not_Available
2015-11-01Dan YoungLive Better Not_Available
2015-10-25Alejandra RojanoHearing and Attending to the voice of God Not_Available
2015-10-11Rudy Kruger Not_Available
2015-09-27Milton SandersHammer
2015-09-13Alejandra RojanoRSVP Not_Available
2015-08-23Rodolfo Rodriguez2nd Corinthians Not_Available
2015-08-15Bob WilliamsPart 2 - Know Your Bible Preparation Against False Teachers Not_Available
2015-08-09Milton SandersChoose Not_Available
2015-08-02Milton SandersNature abhors a vacuum
2015-07-26Rafael Loera5 Steps to Christian Maturity Not_Available
2015-07-19Bob WilliamsChallenging Questions
2015-07-12Rodolfo RodriguezGod's House Not_Available
2015-07-05Alejandra Rojano Not_Available
2015-06-28Rafael LoeraUnknown Not_Available
2015-06-21Alejandra RojanoYou Heard the Call Not_Available
2015-06-14Rodolfo RodriguezMother's Day Not_Available
2015-06-07Milton SandersOn the Road Again
2015-05-31Milton SandersEscape from the Law Not_Available
2015-05-24Rodolfo RodriguezThe Lord is my Shepard Not_Available
2015-05-17Peter LimMoses at the Rock: Doing Things God's Way
2015-05-10Peter LimMoses at the Rock: God's Master Plan
2015-05-03Peter LimGalatians: Doing Good
2015-04-26Peter LimGalatians: Living in Spiritual Freedom
2015-04-19Peter LimGalatians: The Witness of a Changed Life
2015-04-12Peter LimGalatians: A Message Worth Fighting For
2015-04-05Peter LimEaster: I am the Resurrection
2015-03-29Peter LimJesus Prays for Us Part 2
2015-03-22Peter LimJesus Prays for Us Part 1
2015-03-15Peter LimThe Missing Ingredient for Effective Prayer
2015-03-08Peter LimThe Model Prayer Part 2
2015-03-01Peter LimThe Model Prayer Part 1
2015-02-22Peter LimThe Wedding at Cana
2015-02-08Peter LimThe Prodigal Sons: Two Ways to God
2015-01-25Peter LimLife of Jacob 4: The Struggle with God
2015-01-18Peter LimLife of Jacob 3: The Search for Love
2015-01-11Peter LimLife of Jacob 2: The Experience of God's Grace
2015-01-04Peter LimLife of Jacob 1: The Struggle for Approval
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