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2014-12-28Peter Lim2015: For Such A Time As This
2014-12-21Peter LimGlory, Grace, and Truth at Christmas Not_Available
2014-12-21Peter LimGlory, Grace, and Truth at Christmas Not_Available
2014-12-14Rodolfo RodriguezJoy 2014 Not_Available
2014-12-07Milton SandersPeace 2014 Not_Available
2014-11-30Alejandra RojanoHope 2014 Not_Available
2014-11-23Peter JohnsonThe Second Coming Not_Available
2014-11-16Dan YoungLoving God Not_Available
2014-11-02Milton SandersReceiving Faith Not_Available
2014-10-26Milton SandersDown To Earth Not_Available
2014-10-19Jorge SalazarChrist Our Joy Not_Available
2014-10-12Rodolfo RodriguezChrist Our Strength Not_Available
2014-10-05Milton SandersBless Not_Available
2014-09-28Peter & Emily JohnsonChrist In Our Relationships Not_Available
2014-09-21Jorge SalazarChrist Our Example Not_Available
2014-09-14Rodolfo RodriguezChrist Our Foundation Not_Available
2014-09-07Milton SandersGratefulness and Happiness Not_Available
2014-08-31Alejandra RojanoChrist Our Hope Not_Available
2014-08-24Phil & Pattie EagerPower of Prayer Not_Available
2014-08-17Ryan GauseInvesting In The Future Not_Available
2014-08-10Rodolfo RodriguezFriends With God Not_Available
2014-08-03Milton Sanders20 cent Wisdom Not_Available
2014-07-27Anthony ThiessenThe Perfect Rudder Not_Available
2014-07-20Ryan GauseFaith in Action Not_Available
2014-07-13Milton SandersPersonal Objects Not_Available
2014-07-06Rodolfo RodriguezProfiting From Temptation Not_Available
2014-06-29Martin GonzalezTrial and Temptation Not_Available
2014-06-22David ReedRemain, Don't Go Not_Available
2014-06-15Alejandra RojanoFather's Day Not_Available
2014-06-08Joyce Anderson-ReedHow Far Will You Go Not_Available
2014-06-01Joyce Anderson-ReedPhenomenal Women Not_Available
2014-05-25Joyce Anderson-ReedPost Card for Spiritual Health Not_Available
2014-05-11David ReedMother's Day Not_Available
2014-05-04Joyce Anderson-ReedThe Millennial Challenge Not_Available
2014-04-27Milton SandersA Room With a View Not_Available
2014-04-20David ReedThe Centurion Not_Available
2014-04-13Joyce Anderson-ReedWrath and the Meek Peacekeeper Not_Available
2014-04-06Peter LimA Picture of Following God Not_Available
2014-03-30Joyce Anderson-ReedGreed and the Mercy Giver Not_Available
2014-03-23David ReedSloth of the Spirit Not_Available
2014-03-16Joyce Anderson-ReedEnvy and the Mourner Not_Available
2014-03-09Joyce Anderson-ReedPride and the Poor in Spirit Not_Available
2014-03-02Joyce Anderson-ReedWhen God Steps It Up a Notch Not_Available
2014-02-16Peter GattoJesus Save Me! Not_Available
2014-02-09David ReedWhen Love Surprises Not_Available
2014-02-02Joyce Anderson-ReedWhen You Least Expect It Not_Available
2014-01-26Joyce Anderson-ReedBelly Aches Not_Available
2014-01-19Joyce Anderson-ReedGod's Call God's Wind God's Fish Not_Available
2014-01-12Jorge SalazarJoy and Peace Not_Available
2014-01-05David ReedReflection on Potential Not_Available
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