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2009-12-27Peter GattoTrust In The One You Can Trust Not_Available
2009-12-20Milton SandersWise Men Still Seek Him Not_Available
2009-12-13Rodolfo RodriguezStorms Don't Last Always! Not_Available
2009-12-06Rodolfo RodriguezFriends Not_Available
2009-11-29Milton SandersA Trophy Not_Available
2009-11-22Milton SandersMeeting the Challenge Not_Available
2009-11-15Johnnie ButlerThe Journey Not_Available
2009-11-08Johnnie ButlerJacob to Israel Not_Available
2009-11-01Johnnie ButlerThe Problem with Jacob Pt. 1 Not_Available
2009-10-25Johnnie ButlerRoses are Red Not_Available
2009-10-18Johnnie ButlerThe Man and CE Not_Available
2009-10-11Johnnie ButlerJohn the Baptist Not_Available
2009-10-04Johnnie ButlerAlong The Road Not_Available
2009-09-27Johnnie ButlerThe Author of Authority Not_Available
2009-09-20Johnnie ButlerListening for His Voice Not_Available
2009-09-13Johnnie ButlerAn Unexpected Answer Not_Available
2009-09-06Johnnie ButlerBelieve in the Promise Not_Available
2009-08-30Rodolfo RodriguezTHe Shepherd Not_Available
2009-08-23Rodolfo RodriguezDealing With Disappointment Not_Available
2009-08-16Milton SandersThe Shepard Not_Available
2009-08-09Milton SandersBlessed By Evil Not_Available
2009-08-02Jerry SprockGod's Best Yes Not_Available
2009-07-26Jerry SprockAbundance Not_Available
2009-07-19Jerry SprockThe Needed Intercessor Not_Available
2009-07-12Jerry SprockCan I Call You Daddy? Not_Available
2009-07-05Jerry SprockThe Intimacy of God's Son Not_Available
2009-06-28Jerry SprockWe Can Do Not_Available
2009-06-21Susan Starr & Mimi BacaFathers Day Special Not_Available
2009-06-14David ReedBe Strong and Courageous Not_Available
2009-06-07Steve DresselhausBe Prepared Not_Available
2009-05-31Johnnie ButlerThe Great Inheritance...What's In It For Me Not_Available
2009-05-24Joyce Anderson-ReedImagine Not_Available
2009-05-17Peter GattoGod is Redeeming "The Wasteland" (Our World) Not_Available
2009-05-10Rodolfo RodriguezThe Ideal Woman Not_Available
2009-05-03David ReedFear Factor Not_Available
2009-04-26Rodolfo RodriguezThe Most Valuable Things in Life Are Not Things Not_Available
2009-04-19Joyce Anderson-ReedGod Talks to Little Children Not_Available
2009-04-12David & Joyce ReedEaster 2009 Not_Available
2009-04-05David ReedThe Donkey King Not_Available
2009-03-29Joyce Anderson-ReedIt's More Than Just Adding Water Not_Available
2009-03-22David ReedA Toast to Sweet Victory Not_Available
2009-03-15Mark LarimerAre You Ready? Not_Available
2009-03-08Nelson RandolfAdventures in Missions Not_Available
2009-03-01David ReedAncient Paths Not_Available
2009-02-22David & Joyce ReedStanding At The Crossroads Not_Available
2009-02-15Joyce Anderson-ReedInconcievable! Not_Available
2009-02-08Joyce Anderson-ReedCooleebah Not_Available
2009-02-01Rodolfo RodriguezGod's Love Not_Available
2009-01-25Rodolfo RodriguezConfessions Not_Available
2009-01-18Milton SandersGod is Inevitable. Not_Available
2009-01-11Joyce Anderson-ReedCopper Nail Confessions Not_Available
2009-01-04David ReedOnward and Upward Not_Available
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