Kids Up Report for January 2018
Kids Up has had a great year with many new students, many successes and many new volunteeers, but our most exciting program is taking us in a different direction with opportunities for ministry with a whole new group of children.
In October we wrote a program that would use storytelling in English. Children would "ride through" a story then do activities related to the story they'd heard. In November Ale Rojano and I had the opportunity to present the program to PRONI (the English division of the public school system) and it was accepted. However instead of being just a one day program it has become a 10 week program in three elementary schools, with not only horse activites, but reading in the schools, and conferences for parents and teachers. God has opened the door to touch over 260 student's lives! And Crossroads has really stepped up to minister to these kids! But not only Crossroads, other people in the community have joined us too.
Thanks to Bill Wolf and Bob Williams with the help of Ale who have designed an equine assisted learning program that helps these kids and their parents understand a little more about themselves and their relationships. They will play 4 games with the horses each with a different focus and our facillitators will ask questions that can give them a new outlook on the ways they meet challenges.
While we aren't allowed to mention God in the schools we are sharing values that sound a whole lot like the sermon on the mount. And at Kids Up our facillitators have more freedom to use the Bible as they talk with parents and kids.